Fake vs Genuine Samsung microSD EVO Plus

Which is which?


The answer is very easy.

The right one is the genuine.

The differences are obvious:

1) Print quality. Notice the print quality of the word Samsung.

2) The number 256 is bigger on the original

3) Plus is written with a word on the original, not the sign +. Bigger, thicker letters.

4) Micro SD XC I is written with small letters on the original.

5) U3 on the original, not U1.


But it gets even easier to spot the original:

IMG-1074 final

6) Made in Taiwan on the fake card.

No Samsung card is made in Taiwan. Only in Philippines and Korea.

7) Vertical lettering on the fake card.

8) White color on the sides on the original. 

Samsung cards have white color on the sides.


The genuine 256GB was bought from aliexpress.

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